Monday, 7 June 2010


Ok, so... Hey Julie why don't you start a blog?
Why do these strange ideas come to my mind when I perfectly know I'll never be able to take care of them? But here it is, the blog.
I'm young, I should have an interesting social life, why do I have to write on a website? Why? Julie, you should be content with facebook, that already takes a lot of your free time, why another internet thing? You're going to feel excited and enthusiastic just for the first thirty minutes and then.. oops blog forgotten. Simple, it always worked like this.
But, hey Julie, you're not compelled to use it every single second of your life and you know this, don't be so nervous about a thing like that. It cold be also funny to have one, don't be so pessimistic.
But I'm always pessimistic, that's it. Anyway, blog started.

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