Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Everyone has their own addiction.

From now, I'm officially a movie-addicted. You could say "Good for you!" but actually it isn't.
Do you know why? I'm sure it's very easy to understand: it's impossible to GET REAL.
And that's what's happening to me, I can't think of or deal with real things, those I have around me, the people I meet, everything. I'm in my own world.
I'm finding out how important is for me watching a movie just to escape from my thoughts, before I used to watch movies when I wanted to watch them not when I wanted to run away from reality. I realise that maybe many people always considered it as an escape, but for me it wasn't until these f months.
It's so damned easy to get lost in another time, in another place with people you can only dream of. But then you take a look of how much time is past, you realise that when this beautiful artificial thing ends you'll be there, still worrying about your business.
I should stop, but I can't. At least my way through all this is watching movies and not smoking or other things. Anyway, I feel I need to cling to something.

P.S. It's sooo f easy to get lost in every movie where Colin Firth is in, and sooo difficult to come back to real life.
Poor Julie!

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