Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Oops... Becoming Jane.

Always the same.
It's the fourth time I've watched this movie but my reaction is always the same.
The truth is that I'm so f romantic, and during this times it doesn't help, to be romantic.

Well, the first time I watched it I was still at middle school, I might say I was impressionable or whatever you call it. But it does still impress me, and I perfectly know how it ends.
The same old story: those movies you watch thousands of times and yet you get so involved in it. And it's not the best film I've ever seen anyway.

It happened the same with another movie, you know about The Lake House, do you? Well another romantic and ureal thing to watch, but I love it. Escpecially during these days. It's like I'm needing all those sweeeet and corny films.

I'm scared about what I'm writing on this blog, it scares me A LOT. I'm just talking about sadness, depression and other cheerful and lovely things. I wasn't supposed to start this thing just to be so extremely desperate.

Better times will come.

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