Saturday, 19 June 2010


I walked on the seashore searching for seashells.
The beach was full of them, some were broken in tiny pieces, some others were intact. I looked at them and I remembered when I used to collect pebbles and stuff on the shore when I was little.
I carried on walking, but I couldn't manage to find the seashell I was looking for, perhaps a big one, spiral-shaped. There were just those little ones, nice but still not what I was searching for. I took some, they were ok but after few moments I put them back where they were, in the wet sand.

It's always me. I go searching for something special, something which could astonish me, at last. I perfectly know (well.. maybe not that perfectly) what I'm looking for but I can't find it anyway. I try to be content with what I see around me, but I know I'll never be content for real with that and although I recognise it is useless, I keep on my ephemeral research, without surrendering at all.

Should never go to seaside if these are the results I get except a red-burning skin.

1 comment:

  1. ehy, Juls.
    [no, non mi va di scrivere in inglese]

    sai, penso che quello che capita a te lo passino tutti, io in prima persona.
    e per mia esperienza personale posso dire che la cosa migliore è avere pazienza, che il momento giusto di solito [dico di solito, non sempre] arriva.
    io non ne ho ancora visto l'ombra, di qualcosa di VERAMENTE BUONO, qualcosa che assomiglia a quello che cerco ma non per questo ci smetto di sperare.
    spero a te vada meglio, la ricerca.

    ciao, cara :)